Our Mission

Create and sustain longer term, transitional housing solutions for the unhoused, combined with career and financial education.

The Vision

By establishing replicable models of new & empowering structures for rebuilding lives with education and community involvement, Bootstrap Villages will create a nationwide network of safe, healthy, and drug-free environments where people can live with dignity, learn, and get their feet back under them to walk into a brighter future. We’ll do this by staying agile in our problem solving, and coordinating with local municipalities and their specific needs for our combined interest in preventing future homelessness.


Our Core Values


All of humanity is worthy of respect. Give them radical acceptance. Remind them of their true value and worth. Treat them not as they are, but as the person they could become.


Create environments of trust strong enough to rebuild lives by balancing privacy and cooperation. United by deep-felt, common concerns about home, family, and  neighborhood —not our differences.


In it for the long haul, our planet of finite resources, and our checkbook, require a mindset of continual evaluation, experimentation, and re-evaluation of solutions.

Our Culture: Open

A word that embodies humility, grace, and the willingness to learn. Our doors and our minds are open to those who want to shift the homeless paradigm by embracing the work necessary to change destructive attitudes and behaviors within our society, and if necessary, within ourselves.

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