Bootstrap Villages


To provide housing and services to the unhoused populations in distressed neighborhoods, partnering with local communities to get people back on their feet.
We seek to fill a unique niche in Chicago by providing a home to people who are unable to find other housing services in their neighborhood. We plan to work in cooperation with local service providers and complement their efforts to reach out to and help the local population. Bootstrap Villages will also serve as a model that can be replicated anywhere including in other parts of the county, city, state, and beyond. It will strengthen our city’s role as a leader in the nation, pioneering an effective and sustainable program to stop the rising problem of homelessness.

Each Bootstrap Village will serve the community in which it is located, housing individuals from the neighborhood and offering services to all. We plan to build the first Bootstrap Village on the south side of Chicago in Englewood.

We are working with the community to locate and secure our first site while raising the funds to construct the housing and begin offering our services in the local community center.


We are working with Chicago architects, Via Chicago, who have designed our housing to accommodate a wide variety of unhoused individuals, couples, and small families. Featuring a first floor bedroom, full bathroom and kitchen, these small houses will make a great first step back into being housed. Privacy, safety, and security of our housing is also a priority while still maintaining a bright and comfortable environment with space to relax and plenty of natural light.


By partnering with local community centers we will have access to the knowledge base that know their neighborhood needs best. In Englewood, the Peace Center has been serving the community for many years and we are excited to work with them expanding their already impressive list of services for those in need. We will also be working closely with Eco House Chicago on their urban farming and sustainability initiative. Together with these fantastic organizations we can better serve our housing residents.