Our program

We bring sustainable, small format villages to communities
as an affordable housing solution.

Where can I call for help for a homeless person or family in the city of Chicago right now?

Please call Chicago City Services at "311" or (312) 744-5000 (TTY (312) 948-6817)

  • If you are homeless and need shelter, tell the opererator that you are homeless and in need of shleter.
  • If you are housed but concerned that you may lose your housing, tell the operator you need "short term help."

Homelessness isn't just living on the streets.

In May 2018, Chicago Colition for the Homeless (CCH) released its annual survey. Using a methodology that includes the most current census data:


Chicagoans were
homeless in 2016


Lived in the homes of friends or family,
often in overcrowded conditions

Our organization is unique, and allows us to serve these homeless youth, single adults, unmarried couples, elderly, and their pets.


For those who qualify, we provide long term, income based housing that includes basic utilities and high speed internet, plus assistance with education and career advancement so residents can focus on stabilizing their lives to become financially secure and help prevent future homelessness. We help residents work towards obtaining permanent housing placements or affordable, market rate housing.

Benefits of our program:

  • A safe, secure and stable home base
  • Privacy
  • Occupational/employment opportunities
  • Builds independence and self-determination
  • Encourages contribution to the village and local community
  • No religious organization requirements
  • Opportunities for personal growth and empowerment

Our first village: Chicago

We're working hard to get our first village off the ground.

Looking for ways to help?